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The Divine Crossroads Academy

  •  Module #1: Success Foundations ($297 Value) - Avoid the traps, mistakes and roadblocks and create time in your schedule with my 7-figure mindset training.
  •  Module #2: Sharing Your Genius Zone ($297 Value) - Complete the Genius Zone audit to get crystal clear on your model and avatar so that you can finally get paid what you're worth.
  •  Module #3: Evolution of a 7-Figure Coach/Consultant ($297 Value) - Understand the 3 stages of the Evolution and learn the steps you need to take to move to the next stage fast.
  •  Module #4: The Power of One ($297 Value) - Create your online business assets with ZERO overwhelm as I make business simple with The Power of One.
  •  Module #5: The Doer's Toolkit ($297 Value) - Get the ultimate Doers Guide to Automation and take my own online scheduling tools, payment tools and automated marketing tools to get your hands off the keyboard.
  •  Module #6: Numbers Are Sexy ($297 Value) - I walk through the 5 numbers every entrepreneur must know to grow fast and what they look like for your coaching and consulting business so you can act and grow with confidence.
  •  Bonus #1: The Calendar Filling Script ($497 Value) - The only script you will ever need to fill your calendar with high-ticket consults on demand!
  •  Bonus #2: The Sales Consult Cure ($497 Value) - How to sell WITHOUT selling and EXACTLY what you need to say in your consults for maximum sales!
  •  Bonus #3: My 7-Figure Email Swipe Files ($697 Value) - My favourite email campaigns that you can swipe and deploy for instant sales.
  •  Bonus #4: The Ultimate Offer ($599 Value) - Learn how to create an addictive offer that sets you apart from your competition and has your ideal clients selling themselves to you.
  •  Bonus #5: Personal Feedback ($997 Value) - Run your ideas, business model, questions and creations past me for personalised feedback to keep you on track.

"Here I am working on my first client and the feedback is incredible, my client cannot believe the positive results.  The high I got from her words made me so happy, it was better than all the money in the world.  Without this business training from Grace and team, I would never have done this.  So, thank you so much."

Lisa Cheetham

The Ultimate Guarantee

If you apply The Divine Crossroads Academy training and don't feel you've received great value, just email wendy@wendypaquette.com within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund
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"For anyone sitting on the fence about joining this program, I can honestly say DO IT!!!  I'm a member of this awesome community and all I can say is WOW, it changes how you approach every single component of your business...

I've gone from having my business control my life to implementing strategies and systems that allow me to step back a bit and enjoy my hard work...

My children and husband are just as grateful, because you have given them a mum and wife back.  And I'm making more profit - win win!!!

Stacey Fulton

"Ladies, let me tell you it can be done! With Grace’s help you can do it!

In one year I have increased my profits x10 from latest year, set up a fully functional home office, created a custom built website, hired an intern who will be permanent part time as from January, created an online membership program and so much more.

And now for my reward! My newest team member and my new company car “Hollando”! WOOHOO!"

Sasha Holland
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